20th September 2014

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COLLECTION:  Comédie-Française

RÔLE:  Diana

DESCRIPTIF COSTUME:  Costume de style empire. Robe à taille haute en moire rose pâle, manches ballons avec rangs de perles et broderies dans le bas de la robe. Manteau de cour avec traîne en velours rouge brodé or.


LIEU DE PRODUCTION:  Comédie-Française, Paris (Salle Richelieu)

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20th September 2014

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It’s okay for guys like you and Court to fuck everyone. But when I do it, I get dumped for innocent little twits like Cecile. God forbid, I exude confidence and enjoy sex. Do you think I relish the fact that I have to act like Mary Sunshine 24/7 so I can be considered a lady? I’m the Marcia fucking Brady of the Upper East Side, and sometimes I want to kill myself.

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N° 2 in the little birthday spam for Ines - SN: 08x23

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Never be afraid to apologize to your child. If you lose your temper and say something in anger that wasn’t meant to be said, apologize. Children need to know that adults can admit when they are wrong.

American Humane Society (via maninsun)

This is so, so important.

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Does This Darkness Have A Name? - One Tree Hill

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Rarely Written Supernatural Creatures


Before we go down what could be seen as an addition to my ghost post a while back on my own blog, let me introduce myself. I’m Jessica, Miss Jessica in case any of you know me from the BDSM community, and like most writers I’ve been writing since ever. Numerous short stories and novel and a half later, my novella is now cycling through beta readers before I hopefully move onto publication.

Essentially, I am tired of seeing the same old supernatural creatures all the time. And I do mean all the time. Stand out from the crowd of overdone werewolves, worn to the bone vampires, tired shapeshifters and done-a-million-times Western dragons! I’ll give you a taste of variety, but you’ll have to do research on your own okay? Deal? Here we go.
The Bildad
One of my favorites, the bildad (or billdad, spelling varies) was first spoken of by American lumberjacks in the early 19th century. It basically doesn’t bother anyone, and spends its days jumping half the length of a football field around the forest, eating by waiting by the edge of a pond or river. When a fish gets close enough it leaps up and comes down with its tail hard enough to smack the fish into unconsciousness or death, and then eats it. It’s a cute little thing.
Over in Ghana these guys dwell in people’s homes to cause trouble not just for the family in terms of misplaced or broken things, but in their community that may suddenly become afflicted with disease or bad luck. Abonsams abhor noise, and so once a year each village falls completely silent for four weeks; when this is happening other still-speaking tribes and villages don’t go there for fear of disrupting the ceremony. With all the abonsams in the area attracted to the wonderfully long silence the village erupts in a torrent of drums, chanting, singing, noise makers, dancing with bells and everyone participating in loud children’s games to scare and horrify the abonsams into fleeing or going into the ocean and drowning. If there is a singular house infected with an abonsam all the furniture is removed and the shaman bangs on the inside of the house to scare it away.
Except for the fiery red eyes these guys look like a porcupine but with iron spikes. If you have a garden in Ireland and you miss Sunday service at church it’s more than likely that these guys will come trudging along and roll all over your garden. In vineyards or orchards they tear everything down and roll on that too; the flowers, fruit or vegetation that get stuck in its spines gets taken home to their family to feed them.
Slightly unusual in the world of the supernatural these beings not only protect someone, but in turn protect one of their descendants upon them passing away. They may appear as an armed woman or an animal, but while seeing one when you’re awake is a warning of imminent death, to see yours in your dreams is how they give advice and warnings about future happenings. It is believed by those who understand Teutonic and Norse mythology that your Fylgia plays a large role in how lucky you are, how powerful a person you are, and how good your life is. Whatever advice they give you should follow, for not only is your Fylgia more in tune with you than you, but they are also far more in tune with the universe.
So there’s some variety for you! Four different creatures from four different cultures, and there are tens of millions more to explore and discover. Hopefully this helped or stirred up some ideas!
Having been writing for forever I recently started a writing blog over at somewritingwisdom.blogspot.com where you can find posts on how to make your dialogue diversefinding time to write, a call for better writing self esteem, help on writing query letters, things to keep in mind when writing religion, weekly writing quotes, information about my novella, and many other things! If you’re interested in learning about BDSM for any reason either message softdomme on here or email me at bdsmtricks151@gmail.com

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Y así fue como Manuel evito tener contacto visual con Martín en la oficina por al menos… 1 semana?

(yo solo quería dibujar a Manuel demostrando su nula capacidad de captar cuando le flirtean hue)

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déjame que te llame la consentida ♫♪

DANG henshuu, has mejorado a zancadas!


déjame que te llame la consentida

DANG henshuu, has mejorado a zancadas!

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brispeak said: I see you give all these people such great advice and I have this huge problem so I thought I'd ask you. In my novel there's this conspiracy theory that turns out to be true but I want it to sound as if this conspiracy theory is the most unbelievably, unrealistic thing possible in this universe. I want them to be utterly convinced that the believers in this theory are nut jobs well before they find out that it is indeed true. What's your advice?


To make a conspiracy theory you need the following ingredients

  • An event
  • Someone asking a question. Sometimes the question
  • Evidence
  • Logic
  • People willing to believe in a conspiracy theory
  • People willing not to believe a conspiracy theory

After you’ve gathered all those ingredients, you need.

  • A context

Now the recipe

  1. Choose your event .It can be an accident, the death of a public figure, a natural disaster, a war, a terrorist attack, something related to the food industry, or to the health system, an abandoned place, a moment in history, even dates can be a conspiracy theory.
  2. Show information related to your event. The what and how the information is presented is crucial for the next step. (X person died and X person was killed are not the same, just like We are eating human meat! and X industry is putting human meat in our food)
  3. Now the question. First, who’s asking the question (it’s not the same a respectable figure than the guy who’s always seeing conspiracy theories). Second, what kind of question the conspiracy theory wants to answer, you already have what or who (your event), you can use: how, why, who else is related, who gave the order, how they kept it hidden, who’s helping, when did it start, and the most important, why they haven’t told us everything about the event.
  4. On this step you have to provide evidence to support the answers to your questions. You can get evidence from everywhere and any kind of evidence can help you.
  5. Let your event and your questions rest for a few minutes and work on the evidence and information. For this you will need logic. Any logic that to your eyes makes sense will work. A leads to B; B leads to C, ergo A leads to C. Water contains iron, therefore any kind of beberage contains iron. Remember it has to make sense to some people.
  6. Don’t forget the context. A conspiracy theory about war in peacefull times is not the same than a war conspiracy theory during war times.
  7. Mix everything and make public your conspiracy theory. If it gets viral, even better. Some people will believe it, some other people won’t. But that’s the idea.
  8. Congratulations! You have a conspiracy theory to feed the hungry.

Things to keep in mind:

Many conspiracy theories are about things civilian population can’t prove true or false. How are we suppose to know our world leaders are humans and not reptilians? How can we know the meat we eat comes from cows and not from horses? How can we know, for sure, if the moon landing was real and not fake? How can we know Homer actually existed?

Some conspiracy theories have more than one event. Tesla made a machine to create earthquakes, X government stole that machine, they have kept said machine in an abandoned area or a military area and they used that machine to create the earthquake that stroke Indonesia in 2004 to warn the reptilians about a conspiracy theory related to them (I just made that up).

Some people live under the motto, everything is a conspiracy theory until proven true. The reason why they believe in conspiracy theories is one of questions you have to answer in your novel. Why they choose to believe in certain conspiracy theories while others are left behind? And how are they trying to warn the rest of the population about the event? Do they yell on the streets? Do they protest? Do they send chain emails? Do they test certain food or vaccine?

Who are the people who believe in conspiracy theories? Do they dress in a certain way? Do they carry something with them, like Homer wasn’t real? Have they modified some part of their bodies to be noticed? What are their resources? If you want people to see them nuts, show them doing  unusual things to prove their theory, show mass media mocking them for believing in a different version of a story or history. How the government reacts towards them, the police, the army, the church?

Some others questions, how  will be your conspiracy theory proven true? Do its believers have everything they need in order to prove it true or someone or something (like an institution or an organization) is helping them?

Here are some links that can help you to get a better idea:

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How conspiracy theories work

The normal life of crazy conspiracy theories

Why people believe conspiracy theories

The worlds top 15 conspiracy theories of all time

18 “Conspiracy theories” that were proven true

25 Conspiracy theories that turned out to be true

Good luck with your conspiracy theory (:


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